Useful Web Links at this point in the course :

Python docs are available on line.

The gopigo robots

Intro to Python on the GoPiGo

Python Examples for the GoPiGo

You can grab python from here Be sure to get version 3.5.x not legacy python 2

Get the pycharm editor/IDE from here You can either get the community edition, or join their academic program and get the professional edition.

Your Book's Website

From time to time I will put my lecture slides on the website here

The introductory lecture

String and Input/Output

Arithmetic and intro to objects

Data and Strings

Introduction to the robots

Basic Control structures (If for while etc)

First graphics object

Graphics and events part 2

Notes on basic collections: lists, dictionary and OrderedDictionary

Functions, Parameters, return values ect.

Simple Algorithms

First Social issues in Computing

Robot Redux

Comparing Algorithms and Recursion

The social context of computing