Your Book's Website (Clean Code and its Successor)
Test Driven Development with python (a really nice book on the subject - read it for free from the publisher - please consider buying it for your collection)

GitHub client
Git Client for Windows
Git Client for Mac

A UML tool:
Visual Paradigm is a UML tool that is installed in the labs. I've enrolled BSU in their bronze academic partner program.


First lecture and Naming Notes
Intro to TDD
Clean Functions
Amit's Notes on GIT
Michael's presentation on TFVC
Amir's notes on Dependency Injection
Intro to BDD
Eric's Notes on programming language Trends
Mounica's notes on Disruptive computing.
Harpreet's notes on profiling
Deependa's SQLvsNoSQL notes
Deepti's notes on Continuous Integration
Clean Object Oriented
Clean Error Handling
Executable Specs in BDD
Automated Scenarios in BDD
Processes QA usability testing and more
An understanding of Intellectual Property for software development
Emergent Design and is Agile Dead?
Clean Systems