Project 3: The big one

Part1) the beginning:

I've posted to each group's slack group a list of bugs and features for your project that your group will fix/implement over the next month and a half. Your assignment Due by Wednesday at midnight is to send me via email one one page paper per group which divides up the list into three and assigns each group member one of the three piles. Make sure they are about equal in workload. If one of the "piles of work" seems to be larger than other others (or smaller) make sure you explain why.

good reasons: "Seda spent the last year in an internship doing web UIs so she is really good at it and it won't take her long to do that part" or "we looked at the code when you told us to and see that this part is really terrible - so Stefanos is working on just that one feature because it will be a bear and require refactoring all the code around it"

Bad reasons: just about anything else

Part 2) first pass scenarios and tests

this was assigned via blackboard.

Part 3) Now do it!

(due April 30th)

Now go do this. Write me real tests, Do the real production code. Submit by sending me a link to your github project which should include all of your updates and all of your automated tests. Please include both BDD-style acceptance tests and unit tests. For your changes in the production code, offset them with comments #comp530 or //comp530 so I can find them quickly.

Several of you who have delved into these projects have discovered that this is a much bigger and more difficult project than you first anticipated. I expect that this project should take more than 30 hours over the next several weeks. For those of you who might have struggled in large coding projects before, it might well be longer. Please start early.

If you get to a point that you think a proper solution to the project is huge (at least one of the projects has a section that relies on a subsystem that isn't built yet) you can approach me to suggest a scaled down subsection. Please come prepared with a full explanation of why you think we need to scale down and proposal on how. This must be done by April 15th at the very latest. (and the closer to April15th the more explicit a plan I'll be looking for)

Part 4)Now present it!

So you did it - you made something better - now present it to your classmates. You will spend 5-7 minutes (at 7 minutes I'll cut you off so plan well) describing what you did and why it solves your problems to me, your classmates and possibly other members of the CS department.

Date: TBA - possibly at the final time.