Prep Project 2.75: install Slack

Summary: Lets install our collaboration tools. 

Due: various see text below for details.


  1. Install Slack: here is the website It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. The free plan should be good enough for us. I doubt any group will get past 10,000 messages
  2. Decide who in your group will be the group leader for this purpose.
    1. the group leader will create a project and invite the other two members of the group.
    2. The group leader should then invite me. (this should be done by Saturday)
  3. Someone (not the group leader) integrate github to the project. announce in the #general channel which channel has the github integration.
  4. Someone, (not the group leader) integrate google hangouts into one channel on your project. Announce on the general channel where that is.
  5. Every group member should use slack's integration with other apps to select one app from the extensive list and integrate it with your team's project. Explain why you chose that one and not alternatives in your team's general chat channel. (this is due by Monday night at 8:45pm [when I get out of my night class and will be starting to look at these for the next day.]). Be sure to consider your group's project in your decision reasoning.