Your Book's Website (Clean Code and its Successor)
Test Driven Development with python (a really nice book on the subject - read it for free from the publisher - please consider buying it for your collection)

GitHub client
Git Client for Windows
Git Client for Mac

A UML tool:
Visual Paradigm is a UML tool that is installed in the labs. I've enrolled BSU in their bronze academic partner program.


Introductory Lecture

Clean Code Names
Intro to TDD
Clean Comments
People and Space considerations in development
MichaelS's (Section 1) GIT hub notes
Patrick's (Section 1) pycharm debugging notes
The teams notes.
David's (section 2) notes on GIT

Sam's (section 2) presentation on Debugging with pycharm

Dan J's (section 2) presentation on multisite collaborative software.
Joseph's(section 2) presentation on Regular Expressions
Dan P's (section 2) presentation on licensing and copyright
Scott's (Section 1) presentation on Multisite collaboration tools.
Max's (section 2) slides on language adoption
Luciane's (section 1) presentation notes on Regular Expressions
Jose's (section 2) version control slides.
Dylan's (section 2) slides on disruptive computing.
Jared's (section 1) presentation on Copyright and licenses
Dakotah's (section 1) presentation on software profiling.
Tonia's (section 2) presentation on Encryption
BDD intro
BDD Executable Specs
BDD Automated Scenarios (initially incomplete)
Tim's presentation on Shell Commands
Intellectual Property Slides
Some varied topics on real world usage.
Designing Objects