Comp 199 Information Security Project 1: Metadata

Summary: examine and change the metadata in MS word files.

Due: at the beginning of class Thurs April 2nd


First download the demo for the word meta data changer (or another meta data tool. This one has a free 15 day demo - its ugly but its free)
here is the download link
Examine the file listed below for your name. Record who created it, the last user who edited the file, the last time the file was updated, when the file was last printed, the total edit time, and the Company Name for the file.

If your last name begins with Grab file
A-F File 1
G-L File 2
M-S File 3
T-Z File 4

Now make the following changes:

Add three more lines to the file itself and 'Frame' someone else as follows:
Change the created by and last edited by fields to the following:
If your First name begins with Put the following in the created by field Put the following in the field for the last person to change the file
A-F Justin Bieber Miley Cyrus
G-L Kevin Mitnick Albert Gonzalez
M-S Larry Ellison Eric Schmidt
T-Z Barak Obama John Boehner

Make sure that the last modified date appears to be before this assignment was given: Before 3/19/2015

When the document is done submit it online using moodle and begin the paper.

The paper:

The paper should be a 3 page paper. Examine the effect of metadata and digital forensics. How reliable is it? What should it be used for. Set the paper up with the following  sections:

Bring a printed copy of the paper to turn in on April 2nd