Comp 199 Information Security Project 2: Steganography

Summary: Encode data into  carrier files using steganography. Turn that in, and then receive one or more files which you must use to get the secret message out.

Due: First part due Monday April 13th by 11:59pm

         Second part due  Tuesday April 21 at the beginning of class.


First read this article which explains a little more about steganography in plain English.

Rather than the very fancy and hard to use tool that I demonstrated in class. Lets use a simpler but easier to use version

Go to and download the version of Steg for your system (Windows/Mac/Linux supported)

Step 1:

Use three separate image files as carrier files. Use Comp199=001 as the passcode.

  1.  In the first carrier file embed a doc or pdf file with your name in it.
  2.  put paper (pdf or word format) which is at least 8 pages long and contains at least one graph and one figure/picture in the document.
  3. Put your name into the third file along with your major and encrypt it.
    1. Use simple encryption
      1. choose configuration
      2. from the configuration dialog: choose the Crypto Mode menu item and choose Symmetric PassPhrase - use the passphrase from above
      3. hit ok and then save the file. You shouldn't find any hiddne data using steg later unless you have the passphrase.

Put these three files into a folder, zip the entire folder into a single zip file and submit it via email. (your zip file needs to be no more than 100 mb)

Part 2:

I'll randomize the files and hand them back to different students. You will find the data stored in the files and report on it. You'll write a short paper which includes the following sections

Submit the paper in class on Tuesday April 21.

Grading guidelines:

Since I've been tied up with midterms and haven't gotten your papers back to you yet, let me give you my grading guidelines for this project

Initial 3 files: 20pts

Final results: 30pts

Paper: 50 pts