The project page for the white paper project has been updated with a link to a Perdue University Page for White Paper writing to give you all a more concrete idea about writing one.

for later in class Typosquatting

one more older hacking (all the way back at the beginning of april)

Another case of baby monitor hacking.

Man hacks baby monitor

Hacking surgical robots

killing all your iOS stuff?

Remember the law of unintended consequences?

Changing hacking laws for the less severe crimes?

Eat your password? The next step in biometrics?

Election hacking part I

Voting machine hack part II

Hacking an airplane?

Your Your alternate Assignment for when I'm gone to a conference is now available.

Revenge porn a thing of the past?

Are we suffering from vulnerability fatigue?

Attacking cars

And now the next newer hack.

ransomware and local police

Digital Forensics and politics

hotel wifi bug?

Digital forensics in divorce court?

customer data is part of the RadioShack bankruptcy?

Digital forensics in the Boston Bombing case.
Cyber attacks and critical infrastructure
Costs of data breaches becoming clear. Target exemplar
Metadata in politics?
digital Forensics challenges

digital forensics more accepted by employers

An article about the handwriting robot.