Nao Developer documentation
In particular the python SDK docs
Robot Turning:

Fancy Differential Drive Steering
Turning a differential drive robot a certain angle

Multiplo Software Download Site We'll used the DuinoPak software, though you can play with the minibloq stuff too if you like.

Class Lecture Notes:

From time to time (especially just before exams) I will put some of my lecture notes on here. These lecture notes are partly for me to remind me which topics I want to discuss in more complete detail - but also can be of use to you. They are not a substitute for attending lectures or reading the textbook, but some students find them a useful addition.

The intro lecture
Stuff about Sensors.
Effectors lecture
Using Multiplo robot components
Feedback Control
Locomotion (with gaits)
Reactive control with biological foundations (not yet finished when the slides are posted)
The first Nao Slides
Representation of the world in the robot
Robot reasoning about space.
The swarm slides