Your Book's Website (Clean Code and its Successor)
Test Driven Development with python (a really nice book on the subject - read it for free from the publisher - please consider buying it for your collection)

GitHub client
Git Client for Windows
Git Client for Mac

A UML tool:
Visual Paradigm is a UML tool that is installed in the labs. I've enrolled BSU in their bronze academic partner program.

The resources from Matt's Talk:

Eclipse/ online IDE


GitHub text editor


MSVisual Studio online


Python online fiddle ide


Multi language ide


UML – Flowchart tool


Document editor


Create an open pad that a group can edit

Video Chatconnect ​

Class notes (from time to time I may post the lecture slides that I use in class here):
Intro Lecture
Naming lecture
Intro to test driven development
Cleaning Object Oriented
Error Handling
TB - Driven Development
Third Party Code
Designing Objects
Real world lessons from PyCon