Dev Seminar Project 2:
Testing and Preparation

Due: 9am March 5th for part 1

Summary: Now it is time to work with someone else's projects for real. We will have one more quick bit of work on testing and then dive into our real projects.


Part 1: clone the /stackit project from github. There is one file with python code in it. There are no test cases. Add a second python file of unit tests for Also do one useful refactor of the code. Comment it with a comment #+++++++my refactor+++++++++++ at the top of your change and #-----------my refactor--------- at the end of it. Include a comment on why you think this is a good refactor. Zip up your version of your project (with your name in the zip file) and email me the zip file by 9am March 5th.

Part 2: Clone the repository that your group will be working on for the larger project in the semester. Familiarize yourself with the project, its parts and how it works. An assignment to add features will be assigned soon.



Group 1


Group 2


Group 3


Group 4