Project 1 P2: Test Driven Development Practice


Now take those tests and use  them.


here are all the tests that were turned in. Grab the zip file.

Find your name in the chart below. Use the assigned test for the project:

Student Test to Use
Sean M Student 1
Ramya Student 2
Vlad Student 3
Connor Student 4
Thomas Student 5
Nicole Student 6
Alex Student 7
Saikumar Student 8
Stephen Student 9
Nicholas Student 1
Nathan Student 2
Spencer Student 3
Sean W Student 4
Matt Student 5

Look at the test and the original assignment: 

Write a paragraph evaluating the test case. Does the test case you are evaluating accurately formalize the written requirements? In what way is it accurate or not? (your writing must be report/paper quality writing)

Write split url code which will pass the test you have been given.


Zip up your project directory and via email to me by Sunday Feb 15th at midnight.