Senior Design Seminar Announcements

the alternate assignment for when I'm gone to pycon.

Java getting Modular with Java 9 (expected 2016)
TDD troubles?

agile will save the world?

The take home midterm is now available in editable open office format for those who want that it is also available in pdf format for those who prefer that format

For whether the other group also faces this issue, its important that you install PySpider with python version 3.4.2

We had trouble setting up PySpider, since we were using 3.4.1 ....

Any interest in a local student oriented hackfest?

A git tutorial recommended by one of your classmates (Connor)

10 things you should learn in a CS program but most don't. Lets see how many we need to finish off.

"what I should have done" advice from industry execs and professors

scroll down to the bottom on this one and have a look at the career advice

An addendum to Connor's talk.

Programming languages by state

the redmonk programming language usage annual list

An article on the Black Team and team building
In Partial makeup for so many snow days please watch this video on TDD. He makes the case for Test Driven Development nicely even if they are ruby people, it is a pretty language agnostic talk.

Welcome to Senior Software Design Seminar Spring 2015.