Useful Web Links at this point in the course :

Report writing for digital forensics.

Digital Forensics Links

Cyber Evidence Resources

Cyber evidence links

simple Stego tool

Scrapy (Web scraping)at a glance - should be enough for the exam

Beautiful Soup

Class Lecture Notes:

From time to time (especially just before exams) I will put some of my lecture notes on here. These lecture notes are partly for me to remind me which topics I want to discuss in more complete detail - but also can be of use to you. They are not a substitute for attending lectures or reading the textbook, but some students find them a useful addition.

The intro lecture
Computer Organization basics from a Digital Forensics Point of View
Introduction to python
Structure in Python Functions, classes etc.
Disk and File systems
Windows Artifacts
File Analysis and The end of Digital Forensics
Intro To Penetration Testing
Stego and Crypto
Recon for pen testing
More Pen Testing
Python Pen Testing and Scanning
Scanning with existing tools
Network Analysis