Security Project 1

Getting used to python while working with the system

Due: Feb 19th by 1:50pm


Due to the unsettled weather I'm going to give this project out in two parts. This first part will be published today, the rest when I finish talking about the parts you need.


Write a python program that will do the following:


  1. allow the user to pick a directory
  2. start from the root directory

Then move through all of the sub directories keeping track of the number of files of each file type. (count how many of each type)

finally print out the number of

Of course you need to comment your project well, including documentation comments.

For next class bring a one to two page write up (with proper grammar etc) which explains what each file type is and then which ones you would be most interested in if you were hiding a password to a sensitive system and wanted to sneak it out past the corporate digital forensics people and why you chose that approach.


    Submit the paper in physical copy in class. Electronic copies will not be graded, they only serve as placeholders for those who have finished but some emergency prevents you from arriving to class on time.

    Submit the python program on moodle