Security Last Project

Summary: lets find out where people are connecting to csdev01 from.

Due: May 6th (reading day)[late submission will end on May 8th - I have to have time to grade these so I have to make a hard deadline for this]


Grab this record of the last few dozen logins to CSDev01.

Grab the free geolight city database

Grab the python interface to that geolight city database

(note that you might have to do this by hand using the source download and easy_install if your pip3 doesn't play nice) if you get an error about the c-bindings not working that's fine.

Now have your program read in the loginRecs.txt file, and tell me


    include the standard readme with your name, directions for running, and any missing parts.

submit on moodle as usual - see above about a hard deadline for submission. Emailed submissions will not be accepted for this assignment.