Useful Web Links at this point in the course :

The iOS developer resources (you need a Mac to get them)

iOS developer library documentation

Android development kit

Class Lecture Notes:

From time to time (especially just before exams) I will put some of my lecture notes on here. These lecture notes are partly for me to remind me which topics I want to discuss in more complete detail - but also can be of use to you. They are not a substitute for attending lectures or reading the textbook, but some students find them a useful addition. 

Introductory Lecture
Intro to Objective C
iOS intro
iOS part 2
Intro to Android
Basic Android activities
Android activities II images, touch and tap gestures, and sounds, writing to the sd card
the simple graphics project
A threaded Graphics program This one doesn't do animation, instead it adds new squares on a regular basis.
iOS Location
iOS views and shake motions
iOS touch Gestures
The iOS camera tutorial that I used for your last lecture
Android Persistent Data
iOS Core Data
Animation Layers