Mobile Development Project 4:
A touch missile command

Objective: to practice event handling, graphics programming, touch handling and simple file and asset handling in android.

Due: Wed April 8th at 11:55pm


You are going to implement a simple missile command app.


Here is a zip of sample Graphics

You are going to re-implement a simple missile command game. Rather than use the original line graphics approach, use images as in the two remakes below one by OMGPOP and the other by some NES homebrew enthusiasts.

OMGPOP remakethwaite NES homebrew missile command

Your app should have the following functionality


Include a readme.txt text file in your project. For this project the readme.txt should include

When you are ready to submit your project zip up the folder with the project and code, your images and other assets and your readme and upload them to moodle. Make sure that the folder in your zip file has your name or initials in it.

Project4/ is bad

JFSProject4/ is fine so is Project4Santore/