Mobile Development Project 3:
A touch based 8-puzzle

Objective: To to practice android programming using touch based gestures

Due: March 19th at 11:55pm


In this project you will write a touch based 8-puzzle for android


You need to write a touch based 8-puzzle. Use any (appropriate for class) image(s) that you have the right to use and create an 8 puzzle program that allows the user to slide around the parts of the image to create the proper full image.

Start with the 8 images and the blank space randomized.

You also need to have a button or other clear way of allowing users to re-randomize the 8-puzzle.

Do not bother with multi-touch. You can only slide one tile at a time anyway.


Include a readme.txt text file in your project. For this project the readme.txt should include

When you are ready to submit your project zip up the folder with the objective-c code, your images and your readme and upload them to moodle.