Mobile Devices Project 2 (project 1.5?)

Objective: To learn practice with some simple Android GUI development

Due: Feb 25th at 11:55pm


In this project you will read in several names, put them into a list and allow the user to pick a name from the list.


First get a list of 10-12 names, put them in a file, read them from the user (harder since that will require a second view) or put them in a constant somewhere and parse the names out of the constant. If you choose the last make sure to tell me where so I can change it to my own set of names.

Write an android program which will read in the list, display it in a table control (or similar) and allow the user to pick an item in the list. The chosen item will be placed in a label or a text field. Allow the user to choose to do this as many times as the user wishes.


Include a readme.txt text file in your project. For this project the readme.txt should include

When you are ready to submit your project zip up the folder with the objective-c code, your sample input file and your readme and upload them to moodle.