Comp 152 Project 2

Due: Wednesday  Feb 19th at Midnight (note this is the Monday Schedule of classes at BSU)

Summary and goals:

In this project you will have another chance to use ArrayLists since my experience is that the first project just gets you started and a second one really solidifies your understanding of ArrayList collections. You will also use UML to help develop your project more readily.


Write a program with three classes and the enum as seen in the UML diagram below. This program will simulate the electoral college in presidential election years. The 2010 census gave us the 2012 electoral college numbers which we will be using for the next couple of elections.

UML class diagram for project 2

Implementation Specification:

Party: This is an enumerated type with three possible values (in alphabetical order): Democrat, Independent, Republican
    I'll introduce these in class for those who didn't have enums in comp151.

This class encapsulates a state in the electoral college. It has three instance variables which should be initialized by the three parameters to the constructors. The other three methods are all accessors which retrieve the value of the associated instance variable.

ArrayList<State>: this is the standard ArrayList in the Java.util package.

Electorial College:
    In the constructor first create the stateVotes instance variable. Next open the file Electoral2012.txt and read out the state names and the number of electoral votes for each state. Use a java.util.Random object to assign the state to one of the three parties for the Party Enum. Lets say that Democrats and Republicans should each have a 2 in 5 chance of winning. The independant should have a one in 5 chance of winning. Create the resulting State object and store it in stateVotes. Do this for all 50 states (plus the district of Columbia).
In announceWinner() look through stateVotes and add up the total electoral votes for each of the three parties. Print out the total electoral votes for each party and if any party has more than the 270 needed to win, announce that party as the winner - otherwise annouce that Congress will have to make the choice. Finally, print the individual winner of each state.

VoteTester: This class contains only the main method. The main method should create an ElectoralCollege object and then call announceWinner on that object.

You must have all of the methods and instance variables specified in the UML. You may have any additional methods that you wish to make the project easier to implement.


You also need to have a readme.txt file in your folder which contains


As before, you need to submit using moodle: