Comp 152 Project 4: Windowed Programming
The Slide Rule Calculator

Due 31st at 11:55pm.


Once upon a time in my father's day when men still walked on the moon, people solved scaling problems quickly and easily using a slide rule. Since then calculators have gone from costing about two weeks pay to costing an hours pay and so people don't use slide rules any more. You are going to write a graphical program which combines the best of both.


The high level objectives of this lab are:

What you must do:

instructors sample image for project 3

You must build a window somewhat like the one above. It doesn't have to look exactly like this one, but the buttons should all be grouped together nicely like this and you need to have the two text boxes together with each other but separate from the buttons and the slider. Furthermore you must implement at least the UML below. The only class you have to write for the project is the Project3 class. You have to implement at least those methods and instance variables. You may have any additional methods or instance variables that you like so long as you have the ones shown in the UML diagram. Look under the UML diagram for more on how to put this project together

project3 class diagram

How should it all work once the GUI is up and running?

You are building a program to do grade scaling.


your readme should contain

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