Mobile Development Project 6:
Persistent Data

Objective: to work with persistent data in android.

Due: May 11th at 11:55pm. (note because I need time to grade this assignment before grades are due, I will turn off late submissions to this project in moodle - please take that into consideration)


Write two activities in android and allow them to pass persistent data between them. One activity should allow users to enter data and save that data in a persistent storage. The second activity should allow users to select a piece of that persistent data and display it, but not allow the user to edit that data.

The user editable data should include at least:

You can use any mechanism you want to implement this persistent data so long as the two activities do not directly communicate using your own code. (so intents, preferences and content providers are fine, but sockets and other direct interprocess communication that avoids the android interface is not) You may also not use direct filesystem access for this project.

Readme.txt (Or Readme.html)

include a readme file with the following information:

If you need images in your writeup please use an html/xml doc rather than a word processing document.


please submit your project as a single compressed file using moodle.