Mobile Devices Project 3
A BSU Campus app

Objectives: To build your first significant iOS app, to master the mapkit and coreLocation frameworks.

Due: March 6th at 11:55pm


In this project you will create a sort of walking tour of the BSU campus.


Implement and iOS app (lets target the iPad so we have enough screen real estate) that will use the mapkit, corelocation. Your app should know the coordinates of 10 buildings on the BSU campus. (focus on academic and public buildings rather than dorms).

A few notes.

  1. Feel free to divide the campus up into non-overlapping bounding rectangles to bound the areas "closest" to the building
  2. use whatever views and controls you want to display the departments and building names.
  3. use whatever arraignment of GUI components is convenient.
  4. if the user/iPad is away from all buildings (perhaps the user has gone off campus or has gone into the train station or something) then remove the last building info.

Submit via moodle as usual.

Include a readme.txt text file in your project. For this project the readme.txt should include

When you are ready to submit your project zip up the folder with the objective-c code, your sample input file and your readme and upload them to moodle.