Comp 152 Project 1

Due:  Sat 2/4 at 11:59pm


In this project you'll have the opportunity to refresh your comp101 experience and get used to the computing environment that you will use for this class.


This project, and all projects in this class, will use csdev01 as the reference platform. If it works on csdev01, then it works for grading, if it does not, then it does not work for grading.

See My csdev01 introduction page if you've not used the system before.

To compile a java program at the command line on csdev01 use these commands.

to compile a java file called which is in the current folder use


if that file has a main method in it, you can run the program by typing

java project1

at the command line after a sucessful compile.

Program Requirements:
In this project you will build a small program that will query the user for input, store that input into an ArrayList and finally print out statistics on that data.

Your program needs to ask the user for a file name. The file will contain a name on each line. Put each of the names into an ArrayList.

After you have put all of the names into the ArrayList search through the list and print out the following information;

You can find a sample list of names on the linux server at


You also need to have a readme.txt file in your folder which contains
when you have completed the program and the readme, zip up the whole folder and submit it. (I recommend using konqueror to compress the folder. right click on the folder, choose the compress submenu, from there choose  one of the compress as options. Submit the compressed folder.


from the command line on csdev01, use the following line to move into my directory

cd /home/bscstaff/jsantore/onlineSubmit

then use this line to run the submit program:
./ &

This will pop up a window allowing you to choose your class (and possibly section) and the file to submit. When you have done so press submit and in a few seconds (longer if you submit a really large file) you will see a dialog pop up telling you your submission was sucessful.