Comp 151 Project 6:
Making a complete object work with others.

Due Monday April 11th at 11:59pm (you have two weeks and you will need the time)

Summary: you have been added to a group doing programming and before letting you touch production code, they want to see if you are capable by having you complete an unfinished tech demo for them. The UML is laid out for you, most of the code is done, but you need to write one more class.

first you need to download the project starter zip. This file contains an eclipse project with three of the four classes that are needed to write the program; you will need to write the forth class: the Sprite class. See the UML diagram below.
the uml class diagram for project 6

The, and are provided for you. You will need to implement the Sprite class according to the UML diagram above in order to make my code work.

Most of the methods are fairly self explanitory, but I'll add a bit of direction about what I'm looking for below.

When your code is complete, you will see a window that looks something like this when you first run your program (there will be minor differences from student to student) The Print button will print out data about the first sprite to the command line. The Duplicate Sprite button will create a new sprite on the screen.
a sample of the window that will be displays when running lab6
Additional restrictions:
To help you get in the habit of good program writing, I am imposing the following additional restrictions on your program.


again zip up your project folder and submit it to me by email. Make sure that your submitted zip file contains your first initial and last name as part of the zip file name. This means you will have to rename either your folder or the zip file.