Some Game design notes:

One gamers Bill of rights
A PC gamer's bill of rights
A list of egregious game design flaws

Python and programming:

Python Tutorial
Python Standard Library Docs
Python Language Reference
pygame: the library we will use to hide some of the programming complexity.


Game Programming the L line (intro to python, pygame and game programming)
Game Design Workshop, 2nd Edition (how to design games)

An online game programming book that I used to develop some of the slides here

Assets: (sounds, images, artwork, etc as used in games)

Flying Yogi (the home of the spritelib)
Reiner's tilesets. (game assets available under very generous terms)
The Gimp(image editing software)

Class Notes. From time to time I will put up some of the class notes:
Introductory and Motivation slides
First Intro Python Slides
Second python lecture and beginning game lecture
Intro to Game Design
Game Programming I - vector movement, scrolling and sound.
Dramatic Elements
Intellectual property
Tiled backgrounds and opening/reading files.
Systems in Game design
Game AI I
Game Conceptualization
physical prototyping
Software prototyping
Game Programming 5 (multi layer tiling, parralax scrolling etc.)
Game AI 2 Paths
Social, international and game review issues