Game Design Project 2: Break the game

Due: One week from assignment. March 31st for grads April 4th for undergrads.


Do Exercise 5.4 from your book with a board game. Then write up the results.


The writeup should contain the following items in a formal paper format. By formal paper format I mean paragraphs, full proper grammar and formal written English, stripped of the informalities of spoken English. Make your paper double spaced so that I can write comments.

Group work:

Because board games generally require multiple players, you may work in groups with the following restrictions.

  1. You may work in pairs to create your writeup, however your writing partner cannot be the same one you worked with for the previous project.

  2. Up to two writing groups (pairs or solo) can make the same game alterations and playtest together. (up to four people playing together with a shared set of alterations.) People who worked together on project 1 may be part of the the two pairs working together on this project.

    1. eg. Person A and person be worked together for project 1. They may not write together, but person A and Person X could write together and Person B and person Y could write together and the four of them could get together to modify, break and play the game.