2D Game design Assignment 3:
Playtest a game


For grads this project is due at the final.


Now its time to put skills you learned by tearing apart games in the last two projects to use. Take a physical prototype of a game and playtest it.


Each student will be randomly assigned a prototype of a game that was designed by a previous student in the class. That the prototype, read it, examine it, and play it. but don't destroy it because I'll need them back.

As you play it consider
After playing through a couple of times and recording the above data, Write a paper about your experiences. Your paper should include

  1. An introduction briefly describing the game
  2. An evaluation of the playtesting experience addressing all of the considerations listed above.
  3. A brief conclusion of the game play and your thoughts on implementing this game.
Bring the paper with you to class on the day it is due along with the game prototype.