Comp 102 Project 3

Due: Wed March 24th. This seems like a long time from now, but because of break it is not. You need those two weeks (not counting break) so don't start at the last minute you will not finish.


You are going to experiment with inheritance and polymorphism in this lab along with learning to work with existing code.


I have written a several supporting files. You do not need to read or understand them, though you are welcome to do so if you want to. You will need to collect the starter files from my directory on the server. Login to csdev01 and then type

cp ~jsantore/ .

note that the last '.' character is required and has a space between it and the end of the zip file name. for those of you not used to unix this command means copy the file which is in my home folder to your current folder (which should be your home folder since you just logged in)

once you have it in your home folder you can unzip the file


and you will see that you now have a project3 folder with several java files and a text file in it. Compile everything with
javac *.java
This line tells the system to use the compiler on every java file in the folder.

To run the program execute the following line at your command line
java Driver
You will see a window pop up on your screen that looks something like this if you are using the default map that I left you:
the initial window before you begin programming
The black represents walls, the green is the start point in the maze and the red is the stop point in the maze. You are programming a set of 'robots' that will navigatethis maze.
You will use inheritance in this lab. You will be able to safely leave most of these java files closed and unlooked at if you wish. You will be implementing the following UML:
project 3 condensed class diagram

  1. The Robot class is already implemented as I want it and it should not be touched.
  2. The RobotFactory class consists of a single static method called createRobot. You should edit this method to create a robot of one of the following types: You should create it based on the value of the String passed in as a parameter to the method. The value passed in will be the second parameter that you pass on the command line.
    1. RandomBot
    2. DontRepeatBot
    3. RightHandWallBot
  3. You must then implement three subclasses of Robot. Each one must over-ride the getNextMove method from the robot class. This method returns a Point object from the java.awt package. The highlight of this class is the fact that it has two public instance variables called x and y.
    1. RandomBot should randomly move to an adjacent non-wall space
    2. RightHandWallBot should follow the wall at its right hand side at all times. You will almost certianly need an extra instance variable and/or method here. You need to keep track of the direction that robot is facing in order to determine which direction is right. Limit yourself to the four cardinal directions (left, right, up and down in our case) to make all of our lives easier.
    3. DontRepeatBot will try to find its way out without ever entering an area that it previously entered.
In all cases your bot should return null for the point when it reaches the stop point. If you DontRepeatBot has no further moves available to it, you can return null from it too. This will end the search.

When you have a bot running, the bot's path will be calculated and displayed about twice a second. The bot path will be displayed in blue as you see in the image below.
a sample bot in action - what you should expect to see

Command Line options for the program:
    When you run the program the system is really looking for two command line options.
So for example I might call the program using

java Driver map2.txt Random

to ask the program to use the map in map2.txt and try it with a RandomBot robot. This string is the one that will be passed to you as the type string in RobotFactory.createRobot.

A word about the map files.
There are several constants declared in the RobotWindow class which determine what characters are interpreted as walls, start position and so on. You are encouraged to have a look. To get you started here is the relevent section.
    public static final char WALL_CHAR = '*';
  public static final char START_CHAR = 'S';
  public static final char END_CHAR = 'Y';

So use these characters when making your own map files.


You also need to have a readme.txt file in your folder which contains


As before, you need to submit using csdev01:

from the command line on csdev01, use the following line to move into my directory

cd /home/bscstaff/jsantore/onlineSubmit

then use this line to run the submit program:
./ &