Comp 102 Project 2

Summary and goals:

In this project you will have the opportunity to further use arrayList's since many of you thought that you were still a little wary of them. You will also use UML to help develope your project more readily.


Write a program with three classes as seen in the UML diagram below. This program will simulate a very simple bank program with accounts. Your program will read in data from the user, and insert each new BankAccount object into the ArrayList so that the Bank Accounts are all in Alphabetical order (you'll need some sort of loop and use the version of the add method from the ArrayList class which allows you to choose where the item will be added/inserted.

Program behavior:
Your program should read in data for bank accounts. Read as many as the user wants to add. When the user is done, calculate the largest account Balance, print it, and then print out each bank account with the account holder's name, the account number, and the balance.

This time you will implement my design rather than making your own design up. You'll find my design in the UML diagram below.
class diagram for project2
Your implementation therefore needs to have three classes (the ArrayList class is from the java library of course). Each of the methods that you need to implement are explained a bit more below. You may of course add any other methods that you want ot need to finish the project.


You also need to have a readme.txt file in your folder which contains


As before, you need to submit using csdev01:

from the command line on csdev01, use the following line to move into my directory

cd /home/bscstaff/jsantore/onlineSubmit

then use this line to run the submit program:
./ &