Transitions Project 7: Displaying Data from a file

Due: Tuesday May 4th at 11:59pm (this is reading Day)


You will use the Qt Toolkit to build a GUI something like what you see below:
sample gui for project 7

The list box should be populated from a file called scores.txt in the same directory as your code.

the format of the file should be as follows:
on each line of the file should be a comma separated list in the following format
<name>,<first score>,<second score>,<third score>,<forth score>

The names will be a string of some sort. Each of the scores should be an integer. The file should have an arbitrary number of lines (eg. if I come by and add a bunch more lines to your file, your program should deal with it just fine.

The Quit button should end the program.
When selecting an element from the list box, the program should place the first-forth scores in the correct text boxes and then total them and place to total in the textBox for total. (Hint, use objects with 5 instance variables to keep track of this data, either in a data structure or by using buit in Qt stuff.)

Note, you will have most, but not all of what you need for this lab by the end of the April 9th class. The remainder of the material will be on the Web lecture that will replace the scheduled April 16th course while I am at a Conference.


Make sure to include the usual readme.txt
It should include


zip up your folder with all code and the readme as before