Transitions Project 3: Using the STL

Due: Friday March 5th at 11:59pm

A Second pointer manipulation and memory management lab will be given out at that time since as we saw in class, lots of you had trouble with that.

In this project you are going to use the STL for the same task you did last time to see what improvement you gain.


You will once again have a data storage class.
This time it need only contain 2 instance variables:
You will once again have to have your text based menu (from the main function). This time only offer the user 3 options (repeated till the user quits)
(notice that you can reuse much of what you did last time)

For data Storage use either the STL list or the STL vector
When the data is printed it should be sorted. There is no requirement that it be sorted before that.
Use the STL sort algorithm to do the sorting. Note that you have to create a comparator function for your data storage class. Make it sort based on the lexographic ordering of the Name instance variable in your data storage class. (we'll talk briefly about compartors in class using the example from the web.


Make sure to include a readme.txt as before.
It should include


zip up your folder with all code and the readme as before