Transitions Project 6: Makefiles

Due Thursday April 8 at 11:59pm


In my home directory you will find a file called

Move a copy of this file to your home directory, unzip it and use it for this project. You'll find a folder called project6 which contains several c++ files (with a .cc extension) and c++ header files.

Your job is to take these files and make a make file for them which
  1. puts the compiler into a variable so I can change compilers with a single change
  2. puts all compile and link flags into their own variable
  3. provides two targets for each object file one for debug and one for production
  4. provides two targets for the executable: one for debug and one for production.
This must be your own work. I have the original author's own make file, but you are being asked to do something different than he did.


Make sure to include the usual readme.txt
It should include


zip up your folder with all code and the readme as before