Transitions Project 2: Linked Lists

Due: Friday Feb 19th at 11:59pm


In this project you are going to build a linked list project the old fashioned way, using pointers.


Create a linked list using a node class which uses pointers to other node objects to keep track of the next node. Allow adding nodes (at any location), removing nodes and finding nodes by their data.

your node needs to have two pieces of data, a name, and some numeric data. It also needs the next node pointer of course.

Then write a short program that will use this linked list. You should allow the user to add nodes, remove a node or print the whole list at any  time. (basically build a big loop with those three options. - let the user choose one, and them do so).

When adding a node. Get the data from the user. Insert the node into the list alphabetically according to the name the user gave you.

When removing nodes, remember to do memory management (delete when needed).

Do not leak memory!!!!


Make sure to include a readme.txt
It should include


zip up your folder with all code and the readme as before