since the first lab will be done in Python here are some python resources:
python official page
library documentation index sections 17 and 18 deal with networking and in the internet.

a nice talk focusing on cross site scripting useful later in the semester when we talk about web app security.

Lecture notes:

From time to time I may put up lectures notes from the class. Remember these are my lecture notes, primarily intended to allow me to focus my topics and remember everything I plan to cover.

networks in a half a class or less
Clients (of client server)
Servers (of client server)
first bots slides
extracting data/parsing bot slides
php introduction
Web Apps intro
php for web use
Working with forms and php
Files and more forms
Web Security intro
Mapping the application before the attack
bypassing client side controls
Injection I
Injection Attacks II
Attacking Authentication
Cross site scripting
Cross site and other attacks
Looking ahead