Comp 101 Honors Project 7
(the last one - time for some Java)

: Friday May 1 at 11:59pm

What you must do:

Write a Java version of the "pathetic friend" program that you wrote for lab. The behavior of the program should be the same as the one you wrote in python:

 Once again it should ask the user

"will you be my friend"

until the user says yes.

However your program should do a little bit more.

the first time the user says something other than yes the program should print
      are you sure?
The second time the computer should print
      stop fooling around
After that the computer should choose one of three random responses each time the user says no (you make up the responses)

Other details and restrictions.

Your program needs to be in a java class. You may not have more than three lines of code in your main method. You must use an instance variable as your counter which keeps track of how many times the user has replied.

Submit your file in the usual manner via email with comments in your file.