Comp 101 Honors Project 5

A first project with graphics

Due: Tuesday March 24th at 11:59pm


In this project you will begin working with graphics for the first time. You need to bring up a window and draw two different “complex shapes” (pictures that are themselves made up of at least four simple shapes each) on your window. The shapes need not move. You must do your work in functions. No more than 8 lines of code may be in global scope. (at the left most indent level). Further, make sure your program only runs when being run as a main program (use the comparison to “__main__”)

As an example: here is my half completed lab:

You see above a rough minivan consisting on one rectangle(the body) two circles (the wheels) and two triangles (polygons) for the front and window of the minivan. You must come up with your own items to draw.

Don't forget to comment your program.


Submit the lab via email as usual. Don't forget to make sure your file has you name in the file name.