links to useful resources will be here.

Your book's website  contains lots of links, and even a few lectures by one of the authors.

Peopleware - productive projects and teams is a phenomenal book on managing productive teams of developers.

After you have your team working well together and productive, you need to design your software well. One of the great tools available now is the notion of design patterns and the catalogs of those patterns available to us these days

The 'gang of four' book' Design Patterns is the seminal book for this.

Other people have expanded on their ideas - sometimes even putting many resources on the web.

Here is a nice design patterns page from Rice U
The IBM Design Patterns Site

And of course in order to understand the design patterns you need to understand UML, the Unified Modeling Language. In particular, you need to understand UML class diagrams. We will also care about use case diagrams and other UML diagrams in this class.

UML page
older UML tutorial from Kennesaw State University
UML class diagrams page 1
UML class diagrams intro from IBM
UML use case intro from CMU

Class Lecture Notes
Version Control intro
UML and modeling
the design notes

Architecture Design
Development techniches and testing I
testing II
Software Safety
Project Management (I cherry picked from these slides as we ran out of time)