The undergraduate final will be held in Moakley 217

Last night I repainted the blue eggs to be uniform blue. Some people have complained that the newer paint is too glossy. Others are having no problem. Please let me know how it is working for you. I'll be in and out of the lab all day before the two classes.

Last night I put some of the construction paper on one of the boxes to use behind the goals. I do not see if back at the maze. Please leave these materials at the maze. Whoever is using it now, please return it to the maze and leave it there till after Thursday night.

It has come to my attention that someone is adjusting the cameras of other groups robots. This is to stop now. Each group is to build their own robot and let others build theirs. If it happens again, I'll impose a penalty on the group responsible.

this might be the future of gesture recognition: no vision, touch or hand held devices required.

since the grads got an interesting taste of what happens when a font is not rendered well on a printer here's what the review sheet was supposed to look like

Turning yourself into a robot? now you can be the display screen

In the fine tradition of biologically inspired robots: robot penguins"

More fun with out of control robots this time its "emotional programming".

3/5 I've finally finished reading all of the graduate and undergraduate papers. Probably the most fascinating reference, especially given the references to the Commonweath of Massachusetts, was this one on marrying robots. I missed it when it first came out a year and a half ago.

3/5: more on humans with robot parts - the artificial/bionic eye is one step closer to reality

The rest of the new robots came in today. Please see the resources page for battery care before using them for those groups assigned one of the new robots.

Grad students: Please be aware of the scholarships available for grads at BSC

2/ 13 More on humans becoming cyborgs/robors. neural interfaces for robotic arms are here now.

More on human looking robots

and the surgery robots are appearing now in Boston

Here is a nice article on current research robots

Welcome to robotics: We will meet in Moakley 301 for those of you who registered early and might have seen another room listed.

Welcome to Robotics for Spring 2009. Announcements will be posted here. Check this site if the class is ever canceled for any reason.

John F. Santore