Comp570 Project 2


Thursday April 2nd with papers the following week in class.


    You will create a robot that will wander around in the back of the classroom looking for one of several brightly colored objects.


Your robot needs to use color vision to identify one of several objects in the environment. Your instructor will have randomly selected an object for you to find. Your robot must have a way of selecting the object using the robot interface (no hardcoding allowed). the robot will then move through the enviroment avoiding randomly placed obsticles (cardboard boxes). Once it has found the object it must approach within 12 cm of the object and play a short tune while identifying the object on its screen (text is fine).

The object to include in your hunt
I will only ask you to find one per run. The item will be randomly selected. Each team will run on at least two items. You have a 3 minute time limit to actually find the items.

The Project report

The project report is a report of what you tried to do, what you did, what you learned and what you accomplished. Since some groups had trouble with my last set of guidelines, let me give you slightly more specific guidlines on what I'd like to see in it. Make sure you use section headings to make each section easy to find.