Comp 101 Lab5: A basic text game

 . Tuesday April 1 at Midnight. (it seems like a long time, but factoring in the fact that you will be out for break, its really not)


In this lab you will develop a simple "text game." Text games were popular before computers had the capacity to do significant graphical work. Today they are being revived  under the name  "interactive fiction".


Assignment Specifications:

Write a program that will tell an interactive fiction story.

Further lets begin doing so program design. Make sure your program is broken down into several methods. You can use a single class. Below are the methods you should implement and a discription of what those methods should do. None of these methods are allowed to be static methods.

Make Story loop
You are welcome to add any additional support methods that you need to this rather minimal list of methods. Of course you will need a constructor for your class to initialize the instance variables and a main method to start things off as well.


When you submit this time, add a readme.txt file to your lab5 folder that you are building. This time you are buiding an insteresting program which may be different from everyone elses so the readme should contain:
Once you have the readme done, cd into your parent folder, zip up the entire lab4 folder using the -r flag as you have learned in the last few labs, and use the online submission program to submit it to me. Remember to include your last name in the title of your zip file.