Software Engineering Announcements

Update on project 3: implementation PartII :

It seems that the jdbc driver that comes as part of opensuse 10.2 doesn't work very nicely with mysql. Having determined that, I've downloaded the one from the mysql site and installed that on the server machine. I've updated /etc/profile to add it to the CLASSPATH for all accounts and it appears to be working to allow database connections now. (There are still errors, but they are much more informative errors indicating that java thinks there is a database at the other end of the connection now.


Update on project 3: implementation:

Its that time in the semester when we are all very busy. Because I was not able to install the database as quickly as I had planned, I am extending the deadline for the implementation to Wednesday April 30.

I've installed the mysql database on the server and have run the scripts that group4 has checked in (or at least one of the scripts)  Please update via svn and read the readme file. You will find the ip of the server along with the username and password that we will used for the database in this class. You can ssh to the server just the way you would to connect to csdev01. Once on the server you can use the mysql client tool

mysql -u<username> -p<password> to connect to the database.

The jdbc tools have also been installed on the server for the group that asked for it.

Extra Extra Read all about it:
After consulting the critiques of the two designs that you submitted on Wedneday. I've decided that we will implement option 2. Assignments for individual subprojects will be made on Monday. The group that developed the design will have a slightly smaller piece of the implimentation and instead will have the duty to answer the questions that come up about the design as you all implement it.

Some discussion on the current assignment: requirements etc.:

I've had a few people ask questions about the requirements assignment that you are revising as a group. It is quite possible that no one in your group knows much about web application developement. If thats the case then someone needs to learn. You each have 3-4 people in your group. This is your major assignment for more than a week, each group member should be putting in about 6ish hours on this project a piece unless you can develope the application on your own tomorrow. Someone probobly needs to read about what the issues are in supporting multiple browsers. Someone needs to find out what web application developers all know, someone should look at the issues involved for people who maintain web based lists and other interactive content. We have a fine library and the web has access to some tremendous resourses, make use of them. I look forward to reading your beefed up revised documents next week.

Welcome to Software engineering for Spring 2008. Various announcements will be posted here through the semester. Be sure to check here if class is ever cancelled for any reason.