AI Project 1: Eliza

Due: 11:59pm Mon Feb 12th


For the first project in the AI class, you will create your own eliza program written in either LISP or python.

What you must do:

The Program:

As you all know, The original eliza program was a  Rogerian psychotherapist who asked lots of questions to appear intelligent. You will write an eliza program that can "converse" about a subject for a few minutes. You should have enough unique responses that a 2-3 minute session with a naive user is unlikely to produce any repetitive sentances.

You will write an eliza-like program that will respond to user input with text that is appropriate for a response. (up to the level that an eliza is able to provide an appropriate response.)

You should let the user know what your program is going to talk about up front. You should also tell the user how to quit so that the user doesn't have to <cntrl>-c or something to get out of your program.

For example my simple eliza begins with this text:

jsantore@linux:~/teaching/Spring2007/AI> python
Hello I'm the demo eliza, lets talk about linux
Please type 'bye' (without the quotes) to leave

You should indicate something similar.

The Analysis:

You need to write a report on your program. It should begin with some standard boilerplate text

After the above in your file you should write an analysis of your program. Consider particularly, does it appear intelligent to the naive user and is there any real intelligence in the program. More completely, you should mention how your program works, what you have done to make it seem intelligent and how you might change it to seem more intelligent to a larger user base and to make it actually more intelligent.


When preparing to submit, you will need to submit the entire directory as a zip file.

first use
cd ..
to move to the parent directory.

then assuming you have your project in a folder called Lab1, use the following command

zip -r <Your last name> Lab1/

where you replace <Your last name> with your actual last name of course.

To submit your assignment you will email it to me, your instructor. To send email from eagle, we will use pine. To configure pine to send email using the campus mail servers please do the following:

type the following command
Pine is a terminal based email program. From eagle, you will only be able to send mail to email addresses. You will submit your lab by email to me this semester. However you need to configure pine the first time you use it.

Configuring pine

Choose 'c' to compose a mail and send me a mail with the zip file of your lab solution attached.