AI Project 3: Planning

Due: 11:59pm Wed April 18th 11:59 pm April 30th


Robbie the robot needs help! He has been asked to retrieve a lost bracelet. He can see it, but doesn't know how to plan and there is a wall between him and the bracelet. You are to write a planner to help him plan how to get to the bracelet.


What you must do:

You start with a virtual world that I'm giving you. You can see a screen shot below:
a view of the virtual world for the planning problem
Robbie the robot is in blue. The bracelet is in red near the upper right hand corner. The grey bricks are walls that Robbie can't go through. The brown part of the wall is a door that can be opened by pulling the lever in the room in the lower left.

You need to develop an appropriate representation of the starting state, the world (including the door, lever and bracelet) and the robot so that you can use them to automatically plan a series of actions that will get robbie from the starting state (shown above) to the braclet. Once your planner has generated a series of actions, carry them out by using methods from the module.

You can get the module and all of its image data in a zip file from my home directory on eagle. The file is ~jsantore/

The writeup:

Include the standard header in your writeup:

Then you need to write a report on your planner. This report should be a page or two long and address at least the following issues.

As usual submit all files in a zip file by email by the due date.