One of you sent me an email reminding me to put up the extrs slides from chapters in the book that didn't have powerpoint slides. The extra slides are now available for download and use

Because The planning lab is turning out to be a bit harder for you all than I expected and we are running out of time this semester, I am hereby pusing the due date for the planning lab back to April 30th. Please do not wait till the last minute as I think that you need the entire time to do a good job on that lab. We will deal with a bit of part of speech tagging in the alternate assignment discussed below.
The alternate assignment is now up.

The notes for chapter 11 including the pop algorithm are online for the resource page. They are in postscipt format.
Project 3 is now available from the projects page

Project 2 is now available from the projects page.

This is where I'll post any announcements for this class.

If class is ever cancelled you must check this page to see if I've put up any announcements.