CS102 Lab5

Finally finishing up


In this lab you will work with polymorphism and recursion. You will also read existing code and comment it. You will do something commonly done in industry. You are given a half finished program from a previous employee and told to finish it.


You will work with 

What you must do:

The previous employee wrote a GUI and some basic polymorphic code to a simple college personel  record program and then left to company. You need to finish it. Copy the code from eagle using

cp ~jsantore/lab5-start.zip .

or Download it from the web

 and then look at what you have. compile it and run it. You will have a GUI for imputing data. There are several labeled text fields and buttons. There is also a combo box (the selectable menu) for choosing what sort of records to work with.
lab GUI

You need to do the following tasks:
In addition, there is one more requirement, you may write any new code you like, but you may not change any of the existing methods that have been written for you unless you have your instructors explicit persmission.

When you are done, zip up all the code and mail it to me in the usual way.