CS102 Lab3 

COMP-102 Bounce Breakout part 1

Due March 26th at Midnight (this seems like a long way off, but its not, its the week after break)


In this lab you will build the first part of a one level bounce-like game. In this level you will create the game board and have a colored ball bounce around the game board, making sure that the ball never leaves the board.


The high level objectives of this lab are:

What you must do:

You must write three classes, implementing the design in the UML diagram below. Your project will show a ball bouncing around the screen. A picture of my solution can be found below the UML diagram.
lab3 uml

My project:
A view of the board
You must implement these three classes:
You must have the instance variables and methods shown in the diagram above. A brief description of what each method should do is given below. You are welcome to add any additional instance variables or methods that you want.

Method functionality

Extra Credit Available

For extra credit, make the color of the ball change once each second. You may make this a slow progression through the colors, or a random color each second. Extra credit is only available for those who have finished all of the required sections of the lab and will be applied to the lab portion of your grade.  Extra credit will be

Extra Requirements:

You must satisfy the following usual constraints on your program


When your program is ready, you need to write a readme.txt file that provides me the following information:

When your readme and your code is ready, zip up your files and email them to me as you did in the last two labs.