CS102 Miterm review

Spring 2005

Since the midterm in on Thursday and classes were cancelled today (tuesday), Here is a list of the sorts of things that you  need to know for the exam.
  1. Basic cs101 programming, selection, repitition, indefinate vs. definite loops, types, variable declarations, functions, parameters, return types etc. I will assume you know this material and am unlikely to ask more than one question on it directly. (though most questions will rely on you knowing this
  2. One dimentional arrays; know how to declare, create and use arrays.
  3. Object oriented programming. Know about and how to:
    1. create objects
    2. declare classes
    3. write member functions
    4. call member funcations on object variables
    5. use the 'this' keyword.
    6. The composition/ has-a relationship
    7. The Association/knows-a relationship
    8. The dependancy/uses-a relationship
    9. diagramming classes and their relationships in UML
    10. Implementing the relationships in code
    11. Recognizing the relationships if I give you code that implements the relationships.
  4. Pointers
    1. what is a pointer
    2. calling a member funcation on the object being pointed to.
    3. Declaring pointers.
    4. Initializing pointers
    5. Null pointers
    6. New and delete keywords.
    7. Createing objects on the heap vs. creating objects on the stack.
  5. Member functions that perform specific named duties
    1. constructors
    2. destructors
    3. Accessors
    4. Mutators
  6. Method overloading.
I've been skipping around a little in your book, but if you find your notes inadequate you might find it helpful to read pages 596-640 and 742-766, the first half of chapter 9 also covers arrays for those of you who are still weak on them.

I have office hours from 5-6 pm tomorrow for anyone who has questions.