5/10/2005: There will be student led review sessions for the final tonight 5/10 and tomorrow 5/11 in the moakley open access lab beginning around 7pm.

5/9/2005: The homeworks are graded and available in the lab. Also the remaining powerpoint lectures are available on the web at this time from the resources page.

5/2/2005: I've been asked to advertize the Digital Electronics course being offered by the physics department in the fall. This course is cross listed as an upper-level elective in the computer science department, and is an ideal companion for this robotics course. This course is more interested in robot control, while that course is what you need to work with and debug the low level guts of a robot.

4/17/2005: I have been told that some of the undergraduates in CS460 were told that the lab would close at 6pm today Sunday April 17th due to tomorrow's holiday. The normal Sunday evening closing time is 11pm, thus possibly depriving some students of the last 5 hours of time to tweak their robots before the due date. I'm here in the lab and there is one group still here. If there is any group that thinks that they needed those last five hours to prepare please send me email asap. I will consider an extension only if I feel that there are groups that really needed that time.

4/7/2005: The web page is now back to its previous working status. If you still find a missing link, please send me an email with the page and link that is broken.

3/25/2005: The undergrad deadline is now extended to Thursday during class from Tuesday since the lab will be unavailable the entire weekend due to the MCSA class and Easter Sunday closings of the open access lab. Please inform your classmates and other group members.

For those of you who are not so familiar with java, I have put together ashort tutorial on lejos/Java for c++ programmers for those of you who are not comfortable with Java now.

3/1/2005: Obviously, given the closing of the college, the cs 460 exam will not be given today. It will be given on Thursday instead. However, this delay has made me give up on the idea of not giving you a project till you take the exam. The first full project for undergrads is now available on the labs page.

Yesterday in the undergraduate class asked about heat sensing IR sensors. Here is a link to an IR thermometer that could be adapted for this purpose. And here is a much more expensive high quality heat detecting ir device that would be of use in somewhat higher end robots

I didn't bring the lab access contract to the grad class. Here it is. Please print it and bring it to class next Thursday.

Welcome to Robotics for Spring 2005. Announcements will be posted here.

My intent is to use a single web page for the graduate and the undergraduate robotics classes. Some of the material here will be explicitly marked as being for one class or the other, but most will apply to both classes.

John F. Santore